Twitter reactions from SDSUs win over Wyoming

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San Diego State beat Wyoming 42-28 in Laramie on Saturday to cap off an unexpected run to the Mountain West title, and players, alumni and recruits took to Twitter to voice their opinions (click Instagram links to view pictures).
Sophomore wide receiver Ezell Ruffin:
I can finally say I'm a champion this is unreal I'm so damn happy- Ezell Ruffin Ⓣ◊$Δ (@AnimatedE3) November 25, 2012
Junior receiver Colin Lockett:
S/O to the fans... The real SDSU fans out there, u kno who u are #SDSU #MWCHAMPS- I pace it. (@ColinLockett24) November 25, 2012
Me and the lil bro @cpdosequis after winning the Mountain West Championship !!!!!!!!!! I pace it. (@ColinLockett24) November 25, 2012
Junior safety Gabe Lemon :
Feels great to come back home the #Champs- Gabe Lemon (@Six_witIT) November 25, 2012
Freshman defensive end Jon Sanchez:
WE'RE MOUNTAIN WEST CHAMPIONS!!! #GoAztecs #19th- Jon Sanchez (@J_Sanchez99) November 25, 2012
Junior defensive end Jordan Thomas:
WON 19.- J. Thomas (@jordanlevon) November 25, 2012
Junior linebacker Andrew Feaster:
Wonder if they are gonna be fans waiting when we get bac to Daygo?- andrew feaster (@feaster45) November 25, 2012
Senior tight end Hunter Hewitt:
I love my team. No one expected this but us. 19th championship is officially here. AZTEC NATION STAND UP!!! #GoAztecs #Win19 #AztecsForLife- Hunter Hewitt (@HunterHewitt89) November 25, 2012
The best kind of shower there is #GatoradeShower #MWChamps #AztecsForLife Hunter Hewitt (@HunterHewitt89) November 25, 2012
SDSU Alumni
Miles Burris:
Great win Aztecs!- Miles Burris (@MilesBurris) November 25, 2012
Ryan Lindley:
Congrats to @goaztecfootball for winning their 19th championship!!! #Aztec4Life- Ryan Lindley (@RyanLindley14) November 24, 2012
Tim Shelton:
#AztecNation they may as well get US ALL RINGS this year! #Dominating the #MWC congrats #AztecFootball #Champions and much deserved!!!- Tim Shelton (TES) (@TESnation) November 24, 2012
Kirk Morrison:
Congrats to my San Diego State Aztec Football team on winning the Mountain West Conference Championship. #GoAztecs #AztecPride- Kirk Morrison (@kirkmorrison) November 25, 2012
Larry Gibbs:
Been saying it since the minute he stepped on campus...that boy Adam Muema is TOO REAL!!! It's about time y'all start respecting him!!!- Larry Gibbs (@L_G_3_) November 25, 2012
Those boys really did that...Mountain West conference their last year in the league...finally got #19 !!! Now goin on 20!!!- Larry Gibbs (@L_G_3_) November 25, 2012
Akbar Gbaja-Biamila:
Big Props to my #SDSU boys finishing at 9-3, winning 7 straight...Congrats to Adam Muema (@so_lucrative) rushing for 255yds & 4TD @goaztecs- Akbar Gbajabiamila (@Akbar_Gbaja) November 24, 2012
Kevin O'Connell
Congratulations to the Aztec football team.2012 MWC Champs! Hop on board while there is still room!! #AztecNation #BurnItDownOnTheWayOut- Kevin O'Connell (@KevOC7) November 25, 2012
Russell Allen:
Congrats #Aztecs football on MW championship!! So proud to be an #Aztec4Life #Win19.- Russell Allen (@RussellAllen50) November 25, 2012
Upland (Calif.) cornerback commit Delvin Batiste:
SDSU Mountain West Champions #FEARTHESPEAR- Quintin Batiste (@Cali_CoolKid) November 24, 2012
Clovis North (Calif.) tight end commit David Wells:
Sdsu winning the championship atta way #fearthespear #AztecNation- David Wells(@DavidWells14) November 24, 2012
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