The Show and Shelton help make a new motto

A banana was doing the Dougie, Dilbert was trying out his Bernie, and the San Diego State men's and women's basketball teams were working on their Cat Daddy.
The scene was somewhat hectic, with the flashing lights and the mob of around 100 people dancing at center court of Peterson Gym, but somehow, through the muddle of red and black, SDSU senior forward Tim Shelton saw a masterpiece on Tuesday night.
"It was kind of controlled chaos," Shelton admitted. "But I think it turned out well today. And I think everybody was great with being patient and energy and I think we got some good shots."
Shelton and the whole SDSU red and black crew were out on campus earlier this week filming a music video for his newest song, Aztec Motto. The video, which will replace LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem as SDSU's new pregame song, is expected to be ready for the colossal SDSU-UNLV game next Thursday.
It's Shelton's latest project in a to-do list that's growing exponentially for the SDSU graduate student. When he's not drawing charges or scoring points or making sure his knees will hold up or studying for an assignment, Shelton transforms into "TES" (Timothy Edward Shelton), and writes, raps and produces hip hop songs. His latest work, Aztec Motto, was fueled by overwhelming fan support for a follow up to last year's pregame song, Game Time Ready.
"People have been asking me for a new song since last year," Shelton said. "So I wrote it like five days ago, recorded it four days ago; and it's been fun."
The song took him about a day to write and the producing part of it all took another day. Once that was finished, filming a video became the next priority, and with the big Vegas game coming so soon (Jan. 14), Shelton had to knock that out quickly as well.
"Next week my focus is on UNLV, obviously," the senior said.
So Shelton and The Show managed to grab a few hours at Peterson Gym on Tuesday night from 8:30 p.m. to midnight and film a music video. They captured dancing at midcourt under flickering lights, the student section cheering from the bleachers, the SDSU men's basketball team having a dunk contest in their game attire, and most importantly, Shelton rapping out the lyrics to his song.
And while it dragged on and seemed frenzied from time to time, Shelton was more than pleased afterward.
"I tried to be a little meticulous today, but I didn't want to annoy people," he said. "So I just wanted it to be fun and after a certain amount of time, it's not fun. That's why I'm glad we did the dunk contest at the end so it would be exciting."
Most in attendance were thrilled with what they saw and did. The Show had the opportunity to play knockout with a Top 25 team and stand on the baseline while Jamaal Franklin and Deshawn Stephens put on a rim-rattling show.
Ultimately, all of the shots - with even more filmed on Wednesday afternoon outside of Peterson Gym for another few hours - will come together to form one giant music video, which will then be cut down to form the pregame video at Viejas Arena.
And once that video does end up on the big scoreboard before the Aztecs play their biggest game of the season against the Rebels, Shelton will look up amid the red and black chaos in the stands, and see a masterpiece.
"It will be awesome," Shelton said.