DeMartinis glad his commitment is official

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Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame's Tony DeMartinis breathed a sigh of relief earlier this month. The recruiting process was finalized. Standing 6-foot-5, 230-pounds, he was ranked by as the 32nd best weakside defensive end from his class.
DeMartinis took time out to talk about the recruiting process, his future goals at San Diego State and more:
What was it that made the Aztecs stand out in your recruiting process?
Tony DeMartinis: "There were a couple things. Definitely the location, it's far enough from home but my friends can come and watch me play every game. I love San Diego, it's a great city and I got a good feeling from all the coaches there, along with the players. I felt that I fit in really well there."
Was there a particular time that you knew SDSU was the school for you?
"After going on my trip, I just had a good feeling. That was obviously a major factor."
What was the best part of your official visit to San Diego State?
"I really liked Qualcomm Stadium. You can't beat playing in a professional stadium every home game."
What is your favorite part or aspect of the area of San Diego?
"Probably the beach and the weather"
What impresses you most about head coach Tom Craft?
"He was really straight forward with me while a lot of other coaches weren't through the recruiting process. Some would never really give me a straight answer but what Coach Craft told me, it was always the truth. He never beat around the bush."
What specific workouts or training will you do over the next six months?
"I am definitely going to work on my strength a lot and my quickness."
What will you bring to the San Diego State football program?
"I have a pretty good work ethic, good hustle and I hope to contribute a lot on the defensive side of the ball."
Who has been the biggest influence in your life as far as football is concerned?
"My dad. He coached me all through grade school and he played in college. He has always given me advice, teaching me how to play the game and advice with life in general."
What are your goals for your freshman year and your collegiate career overall?
"Freshman year I don't really know yet. I'm sure I'll probably redshirt. I just want to get going with the program and hopefully make it to a starting spot when I get older."
How would you describe your personality off the football field?
"I'm definitely an easy going guy, I'm pretty relaxed. I'm generally happy with everything; I try not to let things get to me that much."
What are some your other hobbies outside of football?
"I really love going to the beach and obviously San Diego is a good spot for that. I just like hanging out with friends."
Do you have a nickname?
What was the best part of the recruiting process?
"It was definitely getting a chance to get a close look at all these schools and programs that you always hear about and just really knowing what each school is really about."
What was the worst part of the recruiting process?
"The phone calls every night and not getting straight answers from coaches."
Do you have any messages for Aztec fans?
"I look forward my future. I know there is a lot of potential with the team we have and the incoming recruiting class. I think there will be a big future for the program."