Craft: Hopefully this year we can put it together

The Mountain West Conference football media day kicked off at the Coronado Island Marriott on Monday morning. San Diego State head coach Tom Craft was joined by senior wide receiver Jeff Webb and defensive back Marcus Demps.
How do you assess the quarterback situation? Is it a two man battle or a three man battle?
Coach Craft: "It's a pretty good situation. We are going to start with a three man race going in and try to define that as quick as we can when we get into fall camp. We don't really have a timeline but hopefully we can get it done within two weeks of our opener."
As a former quarterback yourself, do you have an inside edge to what these guys are thinking?
Coach Craft: "Two of the individuals (Darren Mougey and Kevin O'Connell) are pretty unique and are pretty athletic, still learning the passing game. And then we have a returning starter (Matt Dlugolecki) that has a little bit of an edge in that area but not as athletic. So they are all a little unique and different. I look forward to see who is going to come out ahead."
Compare the quarterbacks that you've had a chance to work with:
Jeff Webb: "Like coach said, they are unique. {db]Darren Mougey[/db], Matt Dlugolecki and Kevin O'Connell are just excellent quarterbacks. So I just look forward to seeing that competition in fall camp."
The key to a team's success often depends on offensive line, will this year's line be better than last year's?
Coach Craft: "Well, I think we've got a lot of depth and we've got a [good] front line that we are going to go into fall camp with. Chris Pino at left tackle [is] backed up by a guy that played a bunch as a redshirt freshman, William Robinson. Then we've got Taylor Schmidt going from center, who was out of position last year, over to guard and Jasper Harvey comes back to play our center position. He was up for the Remington Award [before] last season. Then we've got Brandyn Dombrowski at right guard and a real battle with Mike Kravetz and Eric Rouser at right tackle. So we feel like our front line is pretty good coming out of spring, experienced and we've got a good group of backup players."
Talk about the fact that three guys from the secondary are gone from last year:
Marcus Demps: "The team takes a hit when you lose three starters [in the secondary] but we have plenty of young guys that are capable of coming in and doing the job."
What would it mean for you, as a senior to go out with a bowl win?
Marcus Demps: "We just need to focus on camp, then our first game on September 3rd and take it step by step."
What is it like to have your son on the team, quarterback Kevin Craft?
Coach Craft: "Well there is certainly no controversy; he is the starter (laughing). He is behind, in the future, two very talented players in Darren Mougey and Kevin O'Connell. They are kind of the up and coming freshman and sophomore on the team so we anticipate redshirting him this year and then the pressure will really be on."
Is there more pressure on you going into this year?
Coach Craft: "I don't think so. I think [with] coaches, every year is the same. It's the same as it was when we came in here. What we have is a group that defines where we want to go with the program. We feel like we have a little more balance to the program. We had a record setting offense the first year, a record setting defense the next year and hopefully this year we can put it together and have a good season if we get a little luck and stay healthy."