July 21, 2011

From the film room: Kyle Kalis

When Kyle Kalis committed to Michigan July 10, he instantly became one of the biggest coups in U-M's recruiting history. The 6-5, 302-pound, Lakewood, Ohio, native might also be one of the best offensive lineman prospects the Wolverines have landed or so says a former All-Big Ten lineman ...

Our anonymous film evaluator is a former Michigan player..

Strengths: Aggressive style - this young man shows, with consistency, that he is not satisfied with just blocking his opponents. He wants to put them on their backside on every play.

It's tough to coach aggressiveness. Some guys just play that way and Kalis is one of those players. It helps that he is 6-5 and 300 pounds. What also impresses me is that playing aggressive and trying to grind your opponent into the grass on every play requires a high level of conditioning. He comes off the ball with low hips and moves his feet through the block and does not stop his block until he has his man on the ground.

Areas of Improvement: In his junior Rivals film, he gets caught a bit high on linebackers a couple times but ends up crushing them anyway. Again, I love this kid's nasty style of play. He'll have to lower his block on second-level opponents at the college level. This isn't a concern as much as it is simply a big player blocking much smaller linebackers at times. Crushing linebackers is fun stuff when you can manhandle them like Kalis. He should have no problem adjusting to the college game.

College Projection: OT/OG

Michigan Player Comparison: Taylor Lewan - Lewan is on the edge of a 15-yard penalty on many plays as he tries to block guys into the second row of the seats! Steve Hutchinson is another good example of what Kalis has the potential to be.

Bottom Line: Every offensive line coach in America loves to coach players like Kalis. They play low, they drive their feet, and they don't ever stop trying to bury their opponent. Players like that will rub off on their fellow linemen and make them play better.

Kalis should have a dominating senior year of high school and continue to improve his already impressive game. I get excited to see him continue to develop and play on a dominating Michigan offensive line.

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